Deposit Solutions

Remote Deposit

As The Bank business client, you can ride the latest wave of technology to hit business banking.  With Remote Deposit, you have the power to scan checks electronically, depositing funds directly into your account, and eliminating the need to take deposits to the bank.  You save the time and effort of physically processing and delivering your deposits to the bank, and handling deposits from more than one location is easier than ever.

Plus, with Remote Deposit, you can electronically deposit to your bank account from 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., giving you flexibility for your banking.

Talk to one of  our friendly representatives about Remote Deposit,  and simplify your business banking.

To earn higher rates of return on funds you plan to invest for a fixed period of time, CDs provide a competitive rate to maximize your earnings.  Funds are invested for a fixed term, at a locked-in rate, to ensure your investment return won’t change.  Plus, funds are eligible for FDIC insurance,  making CDs a safe and effective way to manage your money.