Other Solutions

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In addition to deposit and loan solutions, Vibra offers a range of time-saving services for busy business owners including online banking, remote deposit, and merchant and courier services.

Online Banking

Vibra Online Banking puts you in control. Through the secure Vibra website, you can review your account activity, transfer funds, and confirm both deposits and check clearance. With the convenience of Vibra Electronic Bill Pay, you can make or schedule payments anytime, from anywhere.

Remote Deposit

Thanks to Remote Deposit, you can easily scan and deposit checks directly into your Vibra account. You can even make deposits from multiple locations, saving you even more time. Ask a friendly account representative about all the benefits of Vibra Remote Deposit.

Merchant Services

In partnership with TIB, a non-affiliate, Vibra offers Merchant Services that let you streamline your customers’ secure payment options. You can process payments more quickly, eliminate inefficient check handling, and receive your funds faster than ever with this advanced Merchant Services system.

Courier Services

Whether you need service for a single location or hundreds of branches, a comprehensive array of services is key to providing you with customized transportation, verification, and cash vault services. Courier services are offered in partnership with our selected non-affiliated providers.

ATM/Debit Card

Get cash and check your balance wherever you are. A Vibra debit card gives you convenient buying power at millions of businesses across the country and around the world.