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Meet Your Investment & Retirement Income Needs! Personalized Strategic Solutions for Retirement Planning, Saving and Preserving.

Make your money work for you!

With Vibra Investments, you gain access to low-cost strategic investments typically reserved for high net worth individuals or institutional investors, for only $7.95 per month!  Our carefully crafted investment program can offer easy access to best in class MFs & ETFs regardless of your net worth. Whether you are a self directed investor or someone who needs help, our platform can accommodate you. Our proprietary technology will recommend a diversified portfolio based upon your individual needs, investment experience, risk tolerance, & time horizon. You can follow our recommended models, tweak them to your specific parameters, or create your own allocation.   

Be Vibra! Be Different! Vibra Investments & you!

  • $7.95 per month
  • Low minimums
  • No sales charges
  • Best in class MFs & ETFs

Products and services advertised above are made available through Vibra Investments, LLC, a subsidiary of Vibra Bank, and are:

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     Not deposits or obligation of, or guaranteed by, Vibra Investments, LLC or Vibra Bank;
     Subject to investment risks, including possible loss of the principal amount invested.

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