Private Wealth Management Consultation

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Whether starting an investment plan, managing a large investment portfolio, planning for retirement, or securing life insurance, a Private Consultation with a Vibra Investment Advisor will help you make informed decisions.

To schedule your Private Consultation, simply call
(619) 651-9426. We look forward to talking with you.


For your private consultation its beneficial to collect your relevant financial information. Statements of investment accounts, 401k's, trust documents or current insurance will all be helpful for a Vibra Advisor to understand who you are. Think through and even write down your investment goals.

  • What are your time horizons?
  • What is your risk profile? Can you aggressively grow your portfolio or do you need to focus on wealth preservation?
  • How will your goals change 5 years out? 10 years out?


In your meeting with an experienced Vibra Investment Advisor you will learn common best practices for investing and how they are relevant to your needs. The Advisor may find pitfalls in your current strategy or opportunities to enhance your portfolio, either way you will leave the meeting with a more robust understanding of your investment stategy.

Call today to schedule your private consultation. We look forward to talking with you about how to best accomplish you investment goals.


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